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Untied & Progressive, Struggling & Reciprocal, Dedicated & Professional, Perfect Service 

Enterprising Spirit

A company can succeed only by developing the spirit of “Hardworking & Precipitant”, but the spirit is not the ultimate goal. Last success has created a new platform and laid a solid foundation for the next one. If following the law, the company can develop better; if stagnating, the company will be surpassed by competitors, in a bad situation and even kicked out. Hence, there is no end but a new starting point on the way of pioneering. We can survive and develop enterprisingly. 

Collaborative Spirit

Each department or employee is relatively independent but connected in general. So people often say “Base on Duty, Think Globally”. In the critical moment, “it’s just like playing chess: success or failure depends on each step”. “One false move may lose the game”. If the game is lost, what does it matter even if someone is much capable? Therefore, the collaborative spirit is the symbol of an overall concept. 

Challenging Spirit

In face of this changeable and competitive industry, we think only with a challenging spirit can we make progress and breakthroughs. To succeed, we should forget achievements and keep learning. We call for self-transcendence and persistent pursuit to climb the peak of technologies and markets.

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